Writing Meetup: unBlock 109

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At Writing Meetup: unBlock 109, a participant narrated a dream he had earlier, combined with a story written on one of the audio prompts. Another continued their work from unBlock 102.

unBlock sessions always come with new and quirky stories, and prove that to be a writer, you just have to sit down and write.

Short stories, a short film script in Hindi, and a science fiction story based on another participant’s virtual background of outer space, made for an exhilarating Sunday evening.

How to flesh out characters, what parts to retain and what not to, plot holes, and many other issues and observations were raised and addressed during the feedback session.

Most of all, each story brought a hoard of memories, experiences, and anecdotes to the present for every participant, highlighting the beauty of stories and the power they exude over us.

A big thank you to all the participants for their enthusiasm and for sharing their unfiltered first drafts; it takes courage!

We #unBlocked well.

Till next time!

Watch what the participants of unBlock 109 have to say about it.

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Jessica Joshi

Jessica Joshi

Jessica is a freelance writer, avid reader and former Assistant Sub Editor and Head of Operations and Strategy at Purple Pencil Project. She conceptualised and anchored the unBlock event series.

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