unBlock Meetup 103

unBlock Meetup 103 was an eventful session graced by author Anukrti Upadhyay, her amazing, insightful feedback and colourful write-ups on prompts provided by both, her and us.

A mix and match of ideas, moderated superbly by our co-founder and author Saurabh Garg, resulted in what can only be described as a pot party of write-ups – intriguing, out of the box short stories, generic essays, a non-fiction, tech based article, an episode of a series, personal experiences as anecdotes, a travelogue and the novel plots of dystopian and other genres!

Not just format, but even language was no bar at unBlock, as 2 participants wrote in Hindi.

Thank you to all the amazing writers and to Anukrti for an amazing Sunday.

Thank you for having us Bound Office.

Watch what author Anukrti Upadhyay, and participants from unBlock 103 have to say about writing, feedback, the meetup and more.

Videography and edited by Grey Pixel.

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Jessica is a freelance writer and avid reader, and former Head of Operations and Strategy and Writer at Purple Pencil Project.


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