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Separate Journeys : Edited by Geeta Dharmarajan

Separate Journeys, the new collection of short stories edited by Geeta Dharmarajan, is earthy...
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In Conversation With: Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma handles the social-media at Katha Books. The pandemic has done very interesting...
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Forsaking Paradise by Abdul Ghani Sheikh

Translated from Urdu by Ravina Aggarwal Discovering Indian literature across the country giving a...
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In Conversation With: Shilpi Sarkar and Ayushree Nandan

Dr. Shilpi Sarkar is the Senior Editor at Katha books and Director at the...
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The Man from Chinnamasta by Indira Goswami

The Man from Chinnamasta by Mamoni Raisom Goswami (popularly known as Indira Goswami) was...