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In Conversation With: Aanchal Malhotra

Aanchal Malhotra is an Indian author and historian, best known for her work on oral history and...
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Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri

This epigraph to Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth neatly ties up the collection of short...
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Chhotu: A Tale of Partition and Love by Varud Gupta

Illustrations by Ayushi Rastogi As a child, I loved reading comics. Billu and Raman...
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Boats on Land by Janiat Pariat

Boats on Land is a collection of short stories, by poet Janice Pariat, set...
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The Forest of Enchantments by Chitra B. Divakaruni

This is how the blurb of The Forest of Enchantments (written by Chitra B....