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A writer ought to be a psychologist and a philosopher: Pratibha Ray

A professor by profession and a writer by choice, author Pratibha Ray undoubtedly is...
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The Awasthis of Aamnagri by Shubha Sarma

The Awasthis of Aamnagri by Shubha Sarma and published by Niyogi Books is a...
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Mandu by Malathi Ramachandran

The Romance of Roopmati and Baz Bahadur “The loved one gives the heart the...
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The Women Who Forgot to Invent Facebook

What is Nisha Susan’s collection of short stories about? The clue is in the...
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Chakori by Chandrasekhar Kambar

Translated by O L Nagabhushana Swamy and Pranava Manjari Chakori by Chandrasekhar Kambar, translated...