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The Endgame by Kunal Basu

Search for The Endgame online, and chances are you will only get search results...
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Samskara: A Rite for a Dead Man by U.R. Ananthamurthy

Translated from Kannada by A.K. Ramanujan Samskara, originally written in Kannada in 1965, sheds...
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The Small-Town Sea by Anees Salim

“You should walk either ahead of me or behind me”, he said. “Why” “You...
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Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India by Amish Tripathi

It’s 11th Century CE, India is fragmented and tormented by invasions of Mahmud Ghazni....
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The Day Before Today: Lockdown Stories by Gayatri Gill

The Day Before Today: Lockdown Stories, as the name suggests, are stories filled with...