book adaptations in india

Introducing: Off The Page, our Book Adaptation vertical 

We are now representing authors and publishers for book adaptations. Our ever-expanding catalogue includes hatke, refreshing concepts, varying genres, interesting characters, bold and unique plots, and authentic cultural landscapes waiting for the screen.

Why consider book adaptations?

Movies based on books have seen tremendous critical and commercial success over the last few years, on the big screen as well as on OTT platforms. 

With the rise in digital streaming platforms and content consumption, the possibilities are immense for book adaptations, and the demand for stories and concepts is higher than ever before.

Literature is an untapped source of unique, timeless stories, and has long produced well-received films – Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Sacred Games, Lootera, Parineeta, Devdas, 3 Idiots, 7 Khoon Maaf, Pooniyin Selvan – the list of successful book adaptations is endless. 

Why work with us if you are pitching or looking for a book adaptation?

For three years, we have been the foremost platform for Indian literature, representing writers and stories from the different regions and languages in India.

But, as a team, our passion for stories is not limited to books. One of our partners is a coproducer on short films featuring Naseeruddin Shah, Amruta Subhash, Manav Kaul and others. We are as avid movie-watchers and screenplay-readers as we are readers of novels and poetry (Check out The Screenwriting Club for more).

With close to one lakh books released every year in India (just in English), it is difficult for anyone to keep track and find the best one to work on. That is where we come into the picture. We work with publishers and authors from across languages to select the most diverse stories for filmmakers, video game creators, and multimedia storytellers to choose from.

Everyday, we see tens of stories whose characters, plots, geographies, and cultural mileus are rich; books with a high potential of being adapted into films, and stories that a wider audience deserves to experience. We want to match these stories with content creators; directors, producers, screenwriters, as well as video-game designers, bringing storytelling worlds divided by language, geography or simply the problem of the plenty, closer to each other.

How does this work? 

Whether you are an author who is looking to see their book adapted on screen, or a filmmaker looking for refreshing stories and concepts, drop us an email on offthepage[at]purplepencilproject[dot]com. We are also easily accessible on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Our editorial and script curation teams work in tandem to analyse the cultural trends, audience tastes and preferences, box office numbers, and the quality and flavour of the story before pitching it. 

For authors and publishers: After we receive an email from you and we like the story, our team of experts will work closely on your book to make a strong pitchbook. This pitchbook is the determining factor and hence has to be exceptionally well-made. 

For filmmakers: You can reach out to us with genres or concepts you are looking for, and we will find you a book for adaptation, or a novella, short story – as per your requirements. You can also sign up for our newsletter, where we share our updated catalogue, monthly. 

Let’s take good stories to the world, together.