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From the Editor’s desk

Purple Pencil Project (formerly, onWriting.in) was started by Jaibala (who has since left) and Saurabh to get authors to talk about writing, to get them to open the secrets of their craft. But it’s never just one thing with literature, is it?

When I, Prakruti Maniar, joined in 2016, I imagined it to become a comprehensive website to document so much that happens in literature, in India, that goes unnoticed because a certain booklist did not cover it.

Over 300 literature festivals take place in a year, across several languages. Robust, exciting work is being done in tribal language research. There is a dictionary now, to understand words of several tribal languages. Their stories are being recorded. And someone needs to talk about them.

Purple Pencil Project is aiming to be that someone. And we will do so through various mediums: events, awards, videos, books, podcasts, merchandise.

We invite publishers, writers, translators, folklorists, book designers, printing presses – everyone to contribute, to tell us what you are doing and if we like you, we will make sure to talk about you.

To readers, think of this as a portal of discovery – to hear Indian stories across the board.

Contact Us

The fastest way to reach us is via Twitter.

  • For editorial submissions, please write to query@purplepencilproject.com.
  • For more immediate responses, collaborations, and business liaisons, reach out to us via query@purplepencilproject.com.
  • For everything else, there’s @saurabh on Twitter. Or email him at sg@c4e.in.

Or you can reach us on social media:

We look forward to hearing from writers, readers, publishers, book-art designers, and really, anyone and everyone who loves stories and loves to talk about them.

Review Policy 

Thank you for considering us to do a review of your book. However, before you request a review, please go through the following:

  1. We do NOT take any money for posting reviews
  2. We try to do a review within 2 weeks but we do NOT guarantee a time for review

The parameters of our rating system are:

  1. The story: First. Above everything else. It has to be interesting and be worth the time a reader puts in
  2. Language: But we aren’t elitists. As Indians, we understand the uniqueness and the difficulty of writing creative fiction in English. But we do expect it to be readable
  3. Context: ‘Death of the author.’ Maybe. But a writer is not an other-worldly creature; they live and breathe among us. They live through the same troubles that we do. She goes through a lot to achieve her dream, like a lot of us, working towards our passion. So she is not dead to us. She is alive and he is thriving and they are all part of the story they write
  4. Significance: “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” There is power in literature, and each story holds it. Should hold it.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Wherever you are in doubt, please use common sense. And if not that, please put yourself in our shoes and us into yours. And then take a call. Finally, we are here to help you reach your audience.

Our Rating System

📖 – Don’t read it even if it’s for free. Use it for some book-art instead.
📖📖 – Borrow it, use it as a travel companion.  Or don’t. You won’t miss anything great.
📖📖 📖– Make a purchase. Maybe an online purchase, or a kindle purchase. But buy it, encourage it.
📖📖📖📖 – Go to a bookstore and buy it. Pay those extra bucks.
📖📖📖📖📖– Buy a hardback and show it off in your bookshelf! And then wait for a signed anniversary edition and buy that too.

If you are submitting articles or opinion pieces for the Original Writing section (columns, opinion articles, feature stories) section, please note that there is no guarantee that we will put it up.

Depending on each submission, the editorial team will get back to you with either a confirmation or a denial. There is no fixed time frame. After submission, please wait for at least a week before dropping us a reminder.

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We are always open to contributions and collaborations. Feel free to reach out to query@purplepencilproject.com for ideas, pitches, and more.


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Does that mean we tweak and bias our opinions? No. It simply is a revenue source, which means (if you’re too lazy to open the link) that if you like a review and follow our buy link, we get a small percent of it. A fair game.