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Trisha Niyogi

Trisha De Niyogi is the Chief Operating Officer and Director at Niyogi Books, an homegrown independent publishing house based out of New Delhi, India. In her current role, one of the things she focuses on is business development. While on one hand she has started new lists of fiction, non-fiction and translated books taking literature, art, architecture, history and culture from the Orient to the rest of the globe, on the other, she has been acquiring high quality content from around the world for the Indian subcontinent’s readership as well keeping in mind that publishing must be an inclusive process. It also tries to accommodate voices from both urban and rural India and also from the marginalized section of the society like the dalits, the oppressed and the religious and caste exploitation. She was a fellow at the Istanbul fellowship Program 2020. She has also been a regular speaker at several forums and literature festivals on publishing and she writes occasional columns on Indian publishing in varied journals and newspapers.


Namrata is a freelancing writer and editor. A published author, she enjoys writing stories and think-pieces on travel, relationships, and gender. She is a UEA alumnus and has studied travel writing at the University of Sydney. She is also an independent editor and a book reviewer. Her writings and essays on literary criticism can be found on various sites and magazines like the Asian Review of Books, Contemporary South Asia Journal of King’s College-London, Mad in Asia, The Friday Times, Daily Star, The Scroll, Feminism in India, The Brown Orient Journal, Kitaab, Inkspire Journal, Moonlight Journal, The Same, Chronic Pain India and Cafe Dissensus. Since 2019, Namrata has also been closely working with publishing houses and authors on book promotions.