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Kintsugi by Anukrti Upadhyay

Not all vessels are meant to hold water, some are for allowing water to...
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In Conversation With: Sowmya Vajjala

Sowmya Vajjala is a translator, notably for her work ‘The Sharp Knife of Memory’...
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In Conversation With: Jahnavi Barua

Jahnavi Barua is an Indian writer based in Bangalore. Next Door (Penguin India, 2008),...
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Undertow by Jahnavi Barua

Undertow by Jahnavi Barua, a family saga spanning three generations, explores love, kinship ties...
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The Cock is the Culprit by Unni R.

Translated by J. Devika The Cock is the Culprit, written originally in Malayalam by...