unBlock Meetup 106

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There is precrastination, and there is procrastination and the lockdown has certainly amplified the former. Several writers who attended unBlock Meetup 106 faced some trouble getting back on the wagon, and took the help of prompts to do so.

Held virtually for the first time, the meetup pushed people to work on their craft and the end result was a mix of poetry, short story, and micro-musings for social media.

Participants shared their writing struggles, what blocked and unblocked their creativity.

The popular theme of romance dominated this meetup, with most writers writing on our third prompt:

And they sat there as on their first date, under perhaps the same candle light, overlooking the same water-spouting dolphins.But no lucky charm – neither her shoes nor his t-shirt – was going to bring the magic back to their life.

Tips, suggestions, book recommendations, helpful anecdotes and relatable stories about the perils of putting pen to paper were shared, with useful feedback points like outlining story and character details before starting to write, reading your piece aloud leading to a get better sense of punctuation and paragraph breaks, and more.

We certainly told the writer’s block to go f&*k itself 😉

Watch what the participants of unBlock 106 have to say about it.

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Jessica Joshi

Jessica Joshi

Jessica is a freelance writer, avid reader and former Assistant Sub Editor and Head of Operations and Strategy at Purple Pencil Project. She conceptualised and anchored the unBlock event series.

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