10 Best Mysteries of India that Deserve a Sequel

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Team P3 curates a list of hand-picked best mysteries of India that deserve a sequel for your TBR!

There are few emotions better than adrenaline pumping through your veins. To enter a world that made you feel those emotions again? The best feeling ever! We will look at some great Indian thrillers and mysteries in this article that deserve a sequel.

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Best Mysteries of India that Deserve a Sequel

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Sacred Games

Title: Sacred Games

Author: Vikram Chandra

Publisher: Penguin India

Price: 615

Pages: 968


Topping the list of best mysteries of India is this brilliant book.

The book revolves around a cop, Sartaj Singh, and a gangster, Ganesh Gaitonde, in Mumbai. It’s also a story of crime, secrets, and the fight for control. The book depicts Mumbai’s busy and sometimes dangerous streets, where crimes and desires coexist.

It also portrays India’s past, politics, and religions in all its complexity. The book makes you think about people and their lives in a cruel and changing world as you turn one page after another.
Sacred Games wasn’t Officer Sartaj Singh’s first appearance in the literary world.

In his work, Love and Longing in Bombay, Chandra first featured him in a story titled Kama of Love. Seeing him again would be a treat for all the fans of Sacred Games and Vikram Chandra’s writing.

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The Calcutta Chromosome

Title: The Calcutta Chromosome

Author: Amitav Ghosh

Publisher: Penguin India

Price: 271

Pages: 270


Next on the list of best mysteries of India is this brilliant book.

Blending history with science, the book is about a computer programmer, Antar, investigating the disappearance of a medical researcher, Murugan. As the plot thickens, he discovers Murugan’s mysterious past, his research on Malaria, and a British medical researcher from the 20th century. Challenging the boundaries of reality and fiction, the book looks at themes like human obsession and the impact of colonialism on science.

Since its publication, science has come far ahead. A sequel can chart new territories and find even more fascinating realities. Plus, it’s Amitav Ghosh, and who wouldn’t love another piece by him?

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The Price You Pay

Title: The Price You Pay

Author: Somnath Batabyal

Publisher: HarperCollins

Price: 315

Pages: 296


Next on the list of best mysteries of India is this brilliant book.

Delhi is a conglomeration of different parts of India, and at its core, The Price You Pay is the story of the city. With a cast of colourful characters, from a rookie reporter to an experienced news editor to a feared gangster, the book is as much a thriller as it is a commentary on the murky grounds of politics and crime. Brimming with power games and corrupt institutions, the book revolves around the journalist Abhishek Dutta.

A potential sequel can be set in the city of Delhi (or perhaps a new one?), with some characters from the first novel recurring.

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The Karachi Deception

Title: The Karachi Deception

Author: Shatrujeet Nath

Publisher: Rupa & Co

Price: 330

Pages: 240


Next on the list of best mysteries of India is this brilliant book.

The debut work of the author, The Karachi Deception, is set in the world of covert operations and underworld criminals. The plot is simple: three commandos must enter Pakistan to take out the underworld don, Irshad Dilawar.

But soon, they realise their mission has been compromised, for Dilawar and the Intelligence units always anticipate each of their plans. Are they inching toward their demise, or will they succeed?

A sequel can see the same team on a new mission or a new team altogether perhaps? The opportunities are endless!

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Ghachar Ghochar

Title: Ghachar Ghochar

Author: Vivek Shanbagh, translated by Srinath Perur

Publisher: HarperPerennial

Price: 227

Pages: 128


Next on the list of best mysteries in India is this brilliant book.

The story revolves around a family in Bangalore, India, and their life-changing journey from modest beginnings to newfound wealth. Through the eyes of an unnamed narrator, it explores the complexities of familial relationships and the effects of sudden prosperity on a once-simple lifestyle.

Shanbhag’s writing brings out the tensions and conflicts within the family as they struggle with their changing circumstances. With its relatable characters, Ghachar Ghochar reflects the consequences of wealth and the shifting dynamics within a family. The novella’s simple storytelling makes it a compelling read for those interested in exploring the intricacies of human relationships and the impact of change on traditional values.

While a direct sequel might not be as feasible as the other titles on this list, a potential sequel can present financial disparity in a lower-income household with a different setting.

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The White Tiger

Title: The White Tiger

Author: Aravind Adiga

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Price: 334

Pages: 332


Next on the list of best mysteries of India is this brilliant book.

The White Tiger is the story of Balram Halwai, a young man from a small Indian village who rises from poverty to become a successful entrepreneur. Through Balram’s perspective, we see a vivid portrayal of the harsh realities and social hierarchies prevalent in India. Balram’s journey highlights the challenges faced by lower socioeconomic strata of society as they navigate a world of corruption and inequality.

Adiga captures ambition, sacrifice, and the price of success in a society driven by power and class divisions.

Another thriller that deserves a sequel, if not literally, then spiritually. A sequel can similarly be about the social and economic hierarchies in our society, told with the scathing perspective only Adiga can bring.

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The Disappearances

Title: The Disappearances

Author: Vijay Seshadri

Publisher: HarperCollins

Price: 238

Pages: 154


Next on the list of best mysteries of India is this brilliant book.

A haunting exploration of loss and dissociation, intricately woven within the backdrop of American tragedies, including the JFK assassination and the aftermath of 9/11, Seshadri’s book is as mysterious as it is glum. Through calculated language devoid of emotional adornment, the poems create a stark portrayal of societal desensitization, mirroring contemporary crisis reporting.

The second-person narrative is a reminder of the narrator’s presence, highlighting the need to bridge the gap between the self and the witnessed events. The book looks into the intricacies of human consciousness and self-identity amidst turmoil and prompts contemplation of your own existential perceptions.

By transcending specific historical references and embracing universal themes, The Disappearances becomes a meditation on the human experience. Seshadri’s manipulation of language and thematic exploration establishes the poem as a timeless reflection on the nature of witnessing tragedy and the importance of contextual understanding.
A sequel can share thematic commonalities with this book through journalistic poetry, for the lack of a better word. Like The Disappearances, it can look at human experience from a neutral perspective, displaying humanity in all its shades and colors.

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Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

Title: Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

Author: Deepa Anappara

Publisher: Penguin Hamish Hamilton

Price: 479

Pages: 320


Next on the list of best mysteries of India is this brilliant book.

This is the world from the eyes of a nine-year-old boy. As innocent as you’d expect it to be, the book walks through the crowded lanes and sweet shops of Jai’s life, with his friends, Pari and Faiz. When one of their classmates goes missing, they decide to sneak around and copy the detectives on their TV screens.

But soon more kids go missing, and this is darker than anyone could have imagined. The choice of showing a cruel and apathetic world from a pair of innocent eyes works wonders in adding mystery and confusion to the plot. Also commenting on the socio-political environment of contemporary India, Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line is haunting in its reality.
While a sequel might not necessarily feature the same characters, a spiritual successor can certainly be written to this novel. Perhaps another story depicting the unspoken horrors of our society stemming from Deepa’s experiences as a journalist?

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The Dead Don't Talk

Title: The Dead Don't Talk

Author: Sumit Ghosal

Publisher: Om Books International

Price: 211

Pages: 232


This book is a classic murder mystery with the investigator Rudradeep Ray and his friend Sujit. Set in the Calcutta in the 1970s, it revolves around the murder of a member of the Ganguly family inside a locked room. Hostile witnesses and confounding clues abound and it would be up to Rudradeep to piece a complicated puzzle together and go beneath all the layers of deceit and lies. Everyone has a motive, direct or indirect, behind the murder but it all goes haywire when the murderer strikes again.
A sequel can feature Rudradeep Ray solving another mystery set in India of the last century. It would be a delight to see the sleuth and detective back with his best friend.

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Murder in the Mushaira

Title: Murder in the Mushaira

Author: Raza Mir

Publisher: Aleph Book Company

Price: 571

Pages: 360


Murder at the Mushaira has the 1857 Indian War of Independence as its backdrop. This is a historical mystery with Officer Chainsukh as our protagonist, and Mirza Ghalib as an unexpected ally. When a poet is murdered, the tranquil atmosphere would turn into one of suspicion and intrigue. With Ghalib at Chainsukh’s side and the developing field of forensics, it leads to a rollercoaster ride that’s perfect for history and mystery lovers alike.

A sequel to this novel could look into the aftermath of the war and look deeper into the lives of Mirza Ghalib and his contemporaries. It could further give insights into the socio-cultural landscape of the pre-partition India.

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