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January 11, 2024
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About the Author

ANDY SEHGAL is a science fiction author, an avid reader and a Vice President in the Engineering & Technology services industry working to support Fortune100 companies globally. With a lifelong interest in Space, Technology, Robotics, and the potential of life beyond Earth, his stories focus on realistic and mesmerizing science fiction stories, human challenges and technological change. Growing up, he was inspired by the science fiction greats new and old, such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke and many more.He is a graduate from the University of West Georgia with an MBA, an active console gamer, and a sports fanatic. He lives in San Francisco Bay Area, California and loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Book Review: The Dwarf Planet- Quaoar: 1 (The Eridoran Saga) by Andy Sehgal

Poonam Kirpal reviews Andy Sehgal’s The Dwarf Planet; Quaoar: 1 (The Eridoran Saga) published by Book River, 2024.

Indian American science fiction author Andy Sehgal’s recently released book, The Dwarf Planet: Quaoar: 1 (The Eridoran Saga), is an amazing amalgamation of human intelligence and technology. Sehgal is the Vice President of Engineering and Technology services, with a lifelong interest in space, technology, robotics, and life’s potential beyond Earth. The book is the author’s perception of how our solar system would be in the year 3440. 

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Having been exposed to ET and Avatar in the past, I was not particularly interested in science fiction. However, this book increased my curiosity about life elsewhere other than Earth. The narrative begins from a dwarf planet, Quaoar, located a million miles away from Pluto.

Story & Writing

The book is an enigmatic fusion of science fiction, AI, drones, robotics, and artistry, a testament to advanced civilization that has been engineered successfully. Scientists in space are constantly mining asteroids in the quest for a harmonious and peaceful life in the universe. While on one of their pursuits, a Martian organization chances upon an alien, Zylar, a scientist from the distant planet Eridora.

All hell breaks loose as various organizations like the Mars Republic, World Council on Earth, Outer World Government, and Martian Space Corps stake a claim on the alien and want to acquaint themselves with the supreme technology that Eridorans possess. The war for Zylar and their technology begins in earnest. Headlines all over the solar system flash: ‘Battle in Space’, ‘Crisis in the Cosmos’, and ‘Interplanetary Conflict’. The battle in space follows, which has been recounted very effectively.

Plot Twist

The World Council on Earth manages to extract information from Zylar. The gentle alien’s mission appears to be curiosity, exploration, and understanding. A very advanced creature from outer space, he does not want to expand his territory or rule the world but genuinely tries to understand other beings in the universe and help them to develop and flourish. Some startling disclosures follow. Eridors had visited Earth when the first life forms were evolving.

They had shared knowledge and helped the early humans learn and evolve with their interaction. Some of our ancient myths and legends, tales of Gods from the skies or celestial beings might have roots in such encounters. Also, most of the religious offshoots that humanity had were maybe based on their interaction with the aliens. The evidence of some of these could be the Pyramids of Giza and Vedas in ancient India. 

Andy Sehgal


The book has an interesting take on addressing some myths that we have grown up with. Humanity as we know it might have mistakenly been impacted by the constant interface with the Eridorans in human history. Also, reference has been made to our depleting natural resources and the need to recycle them to sustain life. The author’s writing and language are simple and interesting, the dialogues in the book straightforward, the tone futuristic, and the characters and setting are well developed. 

The racy pace of the book would appeal to children as well as grownups. Some things remain unchanged even after 1,000 years, like the control of power by political organisations and the unethical systems that compel one to keep seemingly innocent victims like the alien for personal gains. Further, the sanctity of the institution of marriage continues and feelings like love, joy, and grief remain. The author seems to be a feminist, as he has ensured that some of his key characters who hold high positions in the technological world are women.

The message that the book finally drives home is the fact that the universe is vast and diverse, but within that diversity lies our strength, our ability to learn from one another and collaborate – that is what will derive progress and foster peace.

Favourite Quote by Andy Sehgal

“Intervention disrupts natural evolution. We believe every species must chart its own course, learn from its mistakes, and grow. It’s the essence of life.”

The Dwarf Planet- Quaoar: 1 (The Eridoran Saga) by Andy Sehgal
Poonam Kirpal

Poonam Kirpal

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