Writing Meetup: unBlock 109

At Writing Meetup: unBlock 109, a participant narrated a dream he had earlier, combined with a story written on one of the audio prompts. Another continued their work from unBlock 102. unBlock sessions always come with new and quirky stories, and prove that to be a writer, you just have to sit down and write. […]

In Conversation With: Manikantula Bhattacharjya

manikantula bhattacharjya interview

Manikantula Bhattacharjya is a prolific Assamese writer. Author of 20 novels, six short story collections, three children’s novels and six collections of novellas, Bhattacharya has also written 11 scripts for television including a popular show on Doordarshan, “Gateway”. You write novels, short stories and poetry. How do you adjust your creative leanings while writing each? […]

3 stories by Manik Bandopadhyay

book review 3 stories

Translated by Arunava Sinha  The happiness of finishing a task begun is real and immense. That’s probably why short stories are very popular and many resorts to them, especially when hard-pressed for time. It can be relished quickly, whereas a novel, however interesting, may go unfinished for lack of time or reading habits.  Bee Books […]

In Conversation With: Translator Krishna Manavalli

interview with krishna manvalli

Krishna Manavalli is a professor in the department of English at Karnatak University, Dharwad. She is a literary critic and translator who works in both English and Kannada. In her long and brilliant academic career in the US and India, Krishna has worked on multiple areas such as contemporary British literature, South Asian writing, postcolonial […]

Writing meetup: unBlock 108 with Jameel Gulrays

This is an original piece Jameel Gulrays wrote to demonstrate how to write Urdu poetry at our writing meetup unBlock 108. From Wren and Martin to James Hadley Chase to Ismat Chughtai, Gulrays shared all he had learnt over the years. His tips included: don’t write on prompts with a basic ‘A for Apple’ approach, […]

In Conversation with: Rashmi Menon

rashmi menon interview

#InsideEdge is a series of interviews with publishing professionals in India. *** Here we speak to Rashmi Menon, Managing Editor of Amaryllis, the English imprint of Manjul Publishing. Why did you want to be in publishing? What are some common myths about the industry? Rashmi Menon: I LOVE books. I’ve been a bookworm since childhood and […]

Wildfire and Other Stories by Banaphool

Through a plethora of twists and turns in his stories, Banaphool’s Wildfire and Other Stories deals with some of the most relatable issues to humankind. The strength of the stories lies in their ability to transform the ordinary into a vivid experience for the reader. Will it be fair to contain life, with its myriad […]

Read award-winning Malayalam novels in English

list of malayalam novels translated into english

Want to read Malayalam novels but don’t speak the language? In a country like India with such diverse cultures and languages, translation of regional literature helps its popularity beyond regional barriers. It introduces us to cultures and stories from the nooks and corners of our own country. This helps bring about an openness to accept […]

Listen Girl (Ai Ladki) by Krishna Sobti

book review of listen girl by krishna sobti

Translated by Shivanath Listen Girl, originally, Ai Ladki, written by Krishna Sobti and translated from Hindi by Shivanath is a conversation between a daughter and her bedridden mother in her last days.  During the long period of Sobti’s mother’s illness, she referred to Sobti as ‘Ai Ladki’ (hey, girl or listen, girl) as if creating […]

Must-Read Memoirs by Women

memoirs by women

Memoirs and autobiographies have a charm of their own. They teach us, inspire us and help us look at the world around in different, more compassionate ways. With more and more memoirs being translated and published in recent years, memoirs by women have also come to the forefront. These are powerful and elevating life stories […]