Havan by Mallikarjun Hiremath

havan book review

Each summer vacation , Lakshmi would  visit our home. A traveller, a banjara probably a lambani she would sing folk songs referring to some God or talking of the general ‘samasye'(issues) her community , her family faced. Laced with love, pain and strumming an instrument similar to harmonium she would sing. Searching my hazy memory […]

Disease and Pandemic in Indian Literature

pandemic in indian literature story

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected and changed the entire world in many ways. For most of us, this is the first (and hopefully the only) time of witnessing such a large scale pandemic. And yet, human life has been affected by diseases throughout history, and movies and books have captured stories around them regularly. Before […]

Books about books: A Bibliophile’s Paradise

books about books feature story

If books are a reader’s delight, imagine the boundless joy that books about books would bring. Indian literature too has some fine gems for readers to find, empathize, discover and fall in love with other readers and writers. Take a look at this very book-ish list of books about books. The Book Hunters of Katpadi: […]

In Conversation With: Rakhshanda Jalil

interview with rakhshanda jalil

Rakhshanda Jalil straddles being a writer, a translator and a literary historian, and is thus at a vantage to give us an unparralelled view of Urdu literature, Indian writing, the rise of translation, among several other things. We spoke to her about these and more – her journey as a writer, translator, Urdu literature today. […]

Writing Meetup: unBlock 107

unBlock virtual writing meetup

Metaphors, poetic prose, and abstract musings dominated our seventh writing meetup, unBlock 107. Written and visual prompts were mixed, stretched, interpreted and laid out in unconventional ways, facilitating a major unBlocking of that crippling writer’s block. The writing meetup had participants sharing important feedback on each other’s works. The value small details add, quantity of […]