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Why just read stories when you can sing them? All these children’s poetry books are sure to be a great companion for a night (or day, or evening, or afternoon) of reading and singing, even better with children to increase the decibels and fun.

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Rhyme Time : For Children

Title: Rhyme Time : For Children

Author: Savitri Babulkar

Publisher: Notion Press

Price: 165

Pages: 104


Do we need more books of rhymes? Yes indeed, why not? Children love new words and new ideas. They love nature – the big bright sun, the silver moon, the swaying trees, the falling rain, the flowing river and the moving clouds. They interact with people every day – the family, the teachers, the milkman, the baker, the grocer and so on. They have fun learning new things in school – A-B-C and 1-2-3 and the names of the pretty colours all around them. Everything is exciting; the slide and the swing in the park; the cuddly toys at home and in the shop window, the moving train and so on…. They also love stories, especially fairy tales and fables and legends. Rhyme Time deals with all these topics and more!

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Tan to Tamarind: Poems About the Color Brown

Title: Tan to Tamarind: Poems About the Color Brown

Author: Malathi Michelle Iyengar

Publisher: Childrens Book Pr

Price: 801

Pages: 30


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Tan, sienna, topaz, or tamarind? Poet Malathi Michelle Iyengar sees a whole spectrum of beautiful shades of brown. Swirls of henna decorate ocher hands and feet at an Indian wedding. Cinnamon lips smile over a cup of cafe con leche. And maple leaves drift like stars onto upturned russet faces in fall.

This warm and inviting children’s poetry collection helps young readers discover that no matter what your skin tone, every shade is beautiful. Jamel Akib’s pastel illustrations bring the richness of brown to vivid, varied life.

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To Catch A Poem

Title: To Catch A Poem

Author: Anju Makhija, Jane Bhandari

Publisher: Sahitya Akademi

Price: 120

Pages: 184


A collection of children’s poetry compiled by  Anju Makhija and Jane Bhandari for young readers.

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Puffin Book of Poetry for Children

Title: Puffin Book of Poetry for Children

Author: Eunice De Souza, Melanie Silgardo

Publisher: Penguin India

Price: 199

Pages: 168


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The Zoo Around You

Title: The Zoo Around You

Author: Katie Bagli and Medha S. Rajadhyaksha

Publisher: Target Publications

Price: 199

Pages: 60


Generally when we think of a zoo, we picture animals in large enclosures that can be viewed by paying a certain fee. We conjure up images of elephants, tigers and lions all of whom are supposedly forced to stay within a particular cage with others of their kind. However, did you ever imagine that your house, the very room you sleep in or watch T. V. in or dine in could also be a zoo?

This idea is what has been built upon by authors, Katie Bagli and Medha S. Rajyadhyaksha in their book ‘The Zoo Around You’. Through a plethora of cheery poems they have attempted to give readers a sneak peek into the minds of young readers and their perception of the world around them. Young children generally have a lot of scope for imagination and most often it is poetry that fulfills their curiosity and gives them a medium for creativity. This children’s poetry book attempts to enthrall both kids and adults by opening up a new avenue to how we view insects, birds and animals around us

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Mongal Stole Pongal

Title: Mongal Stole Pongal

Author: Abhi Krish

Publisher: Peruchali Press


Pages: 30


Mongal is a GRUMPY monster. He hates color, he hates happy sounds and especially hates it bright and sunny. With the harvest festival Pongal around the corner, he steals the sun and locks it away in a mountain cave. What a HULLABALOO! What will happen when there’s no more sun? Will Mongal learn his lesson and make amends?

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Poems Grow With You

Title: Poems Grow With You

Author: Anju Makhija

Publisher: Sanbun Publishers


Pages: 56


An eclectic collection of verse, contains varied poems, witty, moving and empowering for youngsters.

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The Big Bad Bull

Title: The Big Bad Bull

Author: Karishma Mahbubani

Publisher: MsMoochie

Price: 188

Pages: 42


He is nasty.
He is mean.
He’s the biggest bull you’ve ever seen!

Azgul the bull enjoys tormenting every creature he comes across on the farm. Even the farmer cannot stop him. Will one little bird be able to stand up to him?

This entertaining story about courage and friendship created by Karishma and Sandhya will have readers rallying behind the little heroes as they work as a team to bring about the downfall of the villainous bull.

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