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October 17, 2023
Final Verdict

About the Author

Divyank J. writes stories about animals, mountains, and broken people on their journey to healing. He dives into the psyche of his characters while narrating their mundane, everyday human experiences. Growing up as a child in Ogna, a town near Udaipur, he always admired the beauty of nature, a simple lifestyle, and solo traveling, and his writing also reflects this. Some of his stories fortunately found a deserving place in various national and international magazines, journals, and anthologies. Currently, he resides in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India with his family. In 2022 he earned his master’s in English literature and started a quarterly literary arts journal, The Hemlock. Apart from writing, he teaches accountancy to young students, draws pencil sketches, spends time with his daughter, and on weekends often goes out on trips with his dog.

Revealing the Depths of Humanity: Review of In Search of the Lambs and Other Stories by Divyank J.

In Search of the Lambs and Other Stories by Divyank J. is a skilfully crafted anthology of enthralling stories of the human condition. Delving into various facets of existence, Divyank explores themes of love, grief, trauma and much more. Regardless of the theme, each narrative promises a powerful experience for the reader. 

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At the heart of In Search of the Lambs are the nuanced protagonists, who journey on journeys of self-discovery and transformation with each tale. However, some secondary characters may appear underdeveloped, occasionally leaving the reader with a feeling of disconnect. 

Nevertheless, the authenticity of Divyank’s narratives provides readers with a profound insight into the South Asian experience. From the rural landscapes of India to the bustling urban centres, each story takes readers on a sensory journey, igniting their imaginations as they encounter a diverse array of protagonists.

Primarily set in contemporary India, each story explores the various facets of life experiences. The titular story, In Search of the Lambs, set in the northwestern valley of Kashmir, captures the heartbreak of a forced village evacuation following a terror attack. The tale unfolds through the perspective of a newly appointed commanding officer, delving into the trauma of displacement and loss.

The imagery is stark and powerful, portraying the harsh winter landscape and the ghostly emptiness of a village stripped of its inhabitants. The story subtly examines subjects like responsibility, sorrow, and the touching connection between villagers and their land, symbolized by the old man’s affection for his missing lambs. It is a severe contemplation about violence and the impact of relocation, with tenderness and a strong local sensibility.

In Search of the Lambs

Similarly, in A Long March Home, the author delves into the raw and visceral emotions of grief and hopelessness brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as a poignant reminder of the collective trauma experienced by individuals worldwide. The story follows the journey of Omar and his son, Jamal. On this perilous trek, they encounter various enforcement and healthcare workers, but they persevere. The tale presents us with the hardship of their travels and perhaps many others. Omar says, “My boy was strong…” – a quote that poignantly captures the story’s emotional climax. It captures the deep grief that a parent feels.

Favourite Quote from In Search Of The Lambs And Other Stories by Divyank J.

“They will be here and find no one if I have left with you. This will scare them away. I cannot leave with you. I must stay. I must wait.”

This quote illustrates the old man’s deep bond to his land and the lambs he cares for, highlighting the emotional and cultural ties that bind individuals to their motherland, even in the face of danger.


In In Search of the Lambs and Other Stories, Divyank J. showcases extraordinary poetic eloquence, infusing it with thematic depth and evocative storytelling. His ability to create captivating narratives that resonate deeply with the readers. Divyank’s literary prowess is evident in this collection, showcasing his adeptness at seamlessly weaving intricate concepts. These stories prompt readers to explore deeper into their own musings on existence, connections, and the essence of humanity. This anthology is a testament to his mastery, ingenuity, and profound literary acumen.

Stuti Chakrabarty

Stuti Chakrabarty

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