The Wizard Khizr by Katha World Library

The Wizard Khizr by Katha World Library

The Wizard Khizr, published by the Katha World Library, is a colourful, glossy adventure story that promises to make the child in you thrilled. 

Books are one way you can surf along the memory wave, reliving your childhood, along with all its amusing and bizarre details, full of knick-knacks of nostalgia. The Wizard Khizr is one such book, a must-read for children.

The Wizard Khizr revolves around a King of Persia who was unable to lead a prosperous kingdom and ensure the happiness of his citizens. He longs for the mystical Wizard Khizr to help him. With the help of his fourth Vizier, and a poor man, the King finally understands the true meaning of happiness and prosperity. Sounds preachy, but is not. 

The perfect kids’ story

The Wizard Khizr, though narrated in a simple manner, has deep underlying morals. It’s like a puzzle waiting to be solved, making it a mindful yet entertaining read for the kids. The story talks about a Persian King who is anxious due to his problems and cannot build a happy and prosperous kingdom. He then announces a reward of 1000 tomans for the one who finds the wizard to help him. 

Though it begins with bribery, the result is absolutely flawless. It helps the children understand the concept of selflessness and happiness, when the old man decides to use the money for a good cause. 

The story also highlights the importance of familial bonds, and the age-old virtues of honesty, wisdom by empathy, determination and more. 

The vocabulary isn’t complex. It easies kids into a more resourceful use of language by utilizing adjectives and irony.

Facts, Illustrations and more

The book is full of beautiful illustrations, bringing to life a magical, make-believe world befitting the story and the target audience. They transport you back to your childhood, and allow for kids to get lost in their own wild imaginations. 

Some of the drawings also symbolize things and have hidden meanings; for instance, a devil in disguise as shown in the picture below.

It’s also a fun way to introduce children to the ancient Persian Civilization and a renowned folktale. It provides a detailed explanation about the development of Persian Civilization and its culture. And, it is also packed with small activities to engage the kids. Hence, it comes across as a package of morals, wonderful illustrations and knowledge. All in all, a combination that is essential for the kids.

Favourite Quote:

The fourth Vizier has the most experience. Listen to her.

Final Verdict: 5/5. Katha has a wide variety of children’s books. They are worth delving into. 

P.S. The book is available in both English and Hindi. Click here to buy the book – it is the perfect gift for children.


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