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September 28, 2010
Final Verdict

About the Author

Barbara T. Cerny grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. She served twenty-two years in the US Army Reserves, retiring a Lieutenant Colonel in 2007. She is an information technology specialist and supervisor. Barb writes historical romances good for late teen and adults. She puts a lot of history and adventure into her work. Words are her passion, they do matter.
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The Gentry Love Affair

When I started reading Grays Hills, the very first emotion I felt was a shock, the nice kind of course. I had not expected to see a heroine in a historical romance so strong, determined and sure of herself, I was reminded of Jane Austen and her heroines. I fell in love with Oksana Wallington the moment I met her. Geoff or Lord Tarkington is her best friend; he is also the brother of the Duke of Essex or Rafe.

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When Geoff finds out that his best friend OJ has lost her home, he ensures that she gets the position of the Governess of the Duke’s Children. Oksana takes the job, the Kids, Grays Hills and all it has to offer to heart. Rafe is heartbroken after his wily wife passes away at childbirth, and is afraid to love and trust again. Oksana and Rafe are like the opposite poles of the magnet and there is always attraction when they meet. But with her outspokenness and the Duke’s suspicious nature, it is very difficult for them to get along.  This is the story of how they fall in love.

As for the characters who loved Oksana, her grit and resolve to make the best out of the worst situation, her quick thinking and wit, her beliefs, her positive attitude and her principles are all that set her apart from the other female characters in the book. Geoff is an amazing friend, a great brother and the perfect uncle, and the friendship between Geoff and Oksana has been portrayed beautifully.  Rafe is a man who has dealt with a lot in his life at a young age, the death of his parents, the responsibility of his siblings and a bad marriage that ends in the death of his wife. The anger towards all this is clearly evident in the book. How he overcomes his anger to learn to love again is what is to be seen.

All in all, the book is a perfect romantic read. Looking forward to reading more books by Barbara Cerny and falling in love with some more amazing characters.

Jaibala Rao

Jaibala Rao

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  1. Lovely Review Jaibala. Geoff is such a lovable character isn't he? I too loved him. Hope Barbara has a story to tell for him or give me the permission to adopt him…lol… And as usual a lovely review from you.

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