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Not At all Sorry

Sorry…..Again??? The title, the cover page and the tagline that went “Can he purge his sins” seemed very different, and interesting and raised my curiosity

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No Goodbyes For This

“Sassy Sweet and Fast Moving” are the three words on the cover that Anuja Chauhan has used to describe the book. Well, I found this

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the madras mangler book review
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Jaibala Rao

Hunting Down the Mangler

After reading a fair few not-so-great books, a good book comes like an oasis in the desert. Madras Mangler by Usha Narayanan was such a book.

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Chasing With Tuki

A host of interesting characters and beautifully described settings is what makes Tuki’s Grand Salon Chase an enjoyable read. Parul Sharma managed to convince me

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The Gentry Love Affair

When I started reading Grays Hills, the very first emotion I felt was a shock, the nice kind of course. I had not expected to

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