Fall in Love over Tea

When I start to read a book, and get so engrossed in it, that I forget the sense of time and space, start feeling the emotions of the characters, start identifying with their problems, that is when I know that I am reading a winner. And Tea Breaks with the CEO by R. Enne is just that a winner all the way.

Final Cover tea breaks

PLOT: The story revolves around Enya, a widow living with her Loving father and her antagonistic Step Mother and rebuilding her life bit by bit. Suddenly she encounters, what promises to be her second chance at a love of a lifetime. She starts believing in her fairy tale and living in that world that would end at her happily ever after. By the time she realises that fairy tales don’t exist in real life, she is too far in love with Sailesh. Forced to start afresh, she encounters Roshan, her CEO, her boss and what unfolds is a story of finding oneself, love and dreams.

CHARCTERS: Enya, the moment I met her I fell in love with the character, her thoughts, fears, limits, passions, the way she puts other before herself, all the traits that she has, her dreams, her emotions all things that I could relate to and identify with. Sailesh, again is a very well written character, somewhere down the middle of the story I began hating him, and that is a very good thing. Roshan is the guy of anyone’s dreams. I could picture him as George Clooney (well I keep picturing the good guys as George Clooney). I love Roshan as a character is all I am going to say. The rest of the characters also are very well written. The turmoil of Enya’s Father caught between his daughter and wife is very well brought out by the author.

WHAT WORKED FOR ME: The story is not farfetched, could happen to anyone and I as a reader could easily relate to the characters, especially Enya. The fact that she does not fall out of love and is willing to give Sailesh a second chance, the fact that she makes mistakes and is not perfect; all these things make her one of us, and not some unachievable ideal. Also the way the story is treated, makes you believe that everyone deserves and gets a second chance at love and at life. The language is simple and the editing crisp.

WHAT DID NOT WORK FOR ME: The ending, the typical bollywood masala type ending, makes u remember that you are reading a story and not a page out of someone’s life. And that is the only thing that I did not like, more than not like it took away from my experience of feeling and being Enya. But having said that, it is not a horribly written end, it just took away and hampered my flow of reading.

RATING: I would rate this book 3.5 on 5 and would highly recommend it to anyone who reads. This book is worth the bucks in terms of entertainment, and experience.


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