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October 5, 2023
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About the Author

W.V. Raman is a former Indian cricketer who represented the country between 1988 and 1997, and played for Tamil Nadu in domestic cricket for more than 17 years. He coached several elite teams in the Ranji Trophy, as well as KKR and KXIP in the IPL, India A and India U-19. His last coaching assignment was with India women as the head coach. During his term, Team India won all the ODI series and reached the final of the T20 World Cup in Australia in February–March 2020. Raman’s first book, The Winning Sixer, which focussed on leadership lessons, was a runaway success. Raman created history by notching up the first ever ODI hundred by an Indian in South Africa during the 1992–93 series. His varied talents enabled him to contribute to the game he is passionate about, for which he was felicitated by the Sports Journalists Federation of India with an honorary membership. He is only the third Indian cricketer (after Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri) on whom that honour has been bestowed.

R. Kaushik is a cricket writer with 30 years’ experience. Formerly the executive editor of Wisden India, he is now a freelance writer who works out of Bengaluru. The co-author of V.V.S. Laxman’s award-winning autobiography 281 and Beyond, Kaushik has also penned India’s 71-Year Test: The Journey to Triumph in Australia, a coffee-table book supported by the Bradman Museum, on India’s first series triumph Down Under in 2018–19. Kaushik is also the co-author of G.R. Visvanath’s autobiography Wrist Assured and R. Sridhar’s memoir Coaching Beyond. He has reported on more than 100 Test matches involving India and been at every 50-over World Cup since 1996. He has the distinction of covering several key moments in the history of Indian cricket, including the 2007 World T20 triumph in South Africa, the rise of the Test team to the No. 1 ranking in 2009 and much-awaited success in the 2011 World Cup at home.

The Lords of Wankhede: Tales Between Two Titles by W.V.Raman and R. Kaushik

Trisha Ghoshal reviews The Lords of Wankhede: Tales Between Two Titles by WV Raman and R Kaushik (Published by Rupa Publications, 2023)

The Lords of Wankhede: Tales Between Two Titles is a captivating cricket narrative penned by the duo WV Raman and R Kaushik. The book delves into the pulsating world of Indian cricket, intertwining history, anecdotes, and the emotional rollercoaster that defines the sport.

WV Raman and R Kaushik, one a former Indian cricketer and another a seasoned cricket journalist, bring a wealth of experience to the table. Raman’s insightful analyses and Kaushik’s knack for storytelling create a harmonious blend that keeps readers engaged throughout the book.

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Magic Behind Lords of Wankhede

Their deep understanding of the game is evident, making “The Lords of Wankhede” a compelling read for cricket enthusiasts and casual readers alike. The Lords of Wankhede shines in its vivid portrayal of the cricketing landscape, from the euphoria of victories to the despair of defeats. What sets it apart is the authors’ ability to humanize the players, providing readers with a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and triumphs that shape their careers.

The narrative seamlessly weaves personal narratives with historical context, making the cricketing journey relatable and emotionally resonant.

One of the book’s strengths lies in its attention to detail. Raman and Kaushik meticulously reconstruct key moments in Indian cricket, offering readers a front-row seat to iconic matches and the inner workings of the team. This meticulous approach enhances the storytelling, creating a rich tapestry that captures the essence of the sport.

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The authors’ balanced perspective adds depth to the narrative. They don’t shy away from exploring the controversies and struggles that have marked Indian cricket. This honesty lends credibility to the storytelling, fostering a connection between the readers and the cricketing world. It’s not just a celebration of victories but a nuanced exploration of the challenges faced by players and the cricketing ecosystem as a whole.

While The Lords of Wankhede excels in many aspects, there are moments when the narrative feels slightly disjointed. The transitions between anecdotes and historical accounts, while generally smooth, occasionally lack a seamless flow. This minor hiccup, however, doesn’t significantly detract from the overall enjoyment of the book.

Quotes from Lord of Wankhede

The Lords of Wankhede is peppered with insightful quotes that capture the essence of cricket. One memorable line is,

“In the game of cricket, the real battle is often fought within, in the mind of the player facing the next ball.”

This encapsulates the mental fortitude required in the sport, highlighting the psychological intricacies that define a player’s journey.

Lords of Wankhede

Another gem from The Lords of Wankhede reflects on the evolving nature of cricket:

“The game changes, the players change, but the spirit of cricket endures, binding generations together in a timeless dance of bat and ball.”

The Lords of Wankhede:Tales Between Two Titles

This quote beautifully encapsulates the enduring charm of cricket, emphasizing its ability to transcend time and resonate with fans across different eras.

Cricket and Books

Comparing it with other cricketing books, “The Lords of Wankhede” stands out for its ability to strike a balance between historical depth and personal anecdotes. It shares the narrative flair of classics like “Beyond a Boundary” by C.L.R. James while offering a contemporary lens on the game, reminiscent of “A Corner of a Foreign Field” by Ramachandra Guha.

In essence, it’s a valuable addition to the cricketing literary canon, catering to both avid fans and those seeking a nuanced understanding of the sport’s evolution.

In conclusion, “The Lords of Wankhede: Tales Between Two Titles” is a commendable addition to the cricketing literature. Raman and Kaushik’s collaborative effort offers readers a nuanced perspective on Indian cricket, blending history, personal narratives, and insightful analyses.

While the narrative could benefit from smoother transitions, the overall storytelling prowess and attention to detail make it a compelling read.

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