Ep. 9: Art, Code, and Sanskrit with Vikram Chandra

Ep. 9: Art, Code, and Sanskrit with Vikram Chandra

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In our latest episode, Ayushi Mona and bestselling author of such works as Sacred Games and Red Earth and Pouring Rain, Vikram Chandra, discuss his non-fiction debut, Mirrored Mind: My Life in Letters and Code.

The podcast expounds on the connections between the worlds of art and technology. Is elegance the domain only of writers and artists? What about Coders also obsessed with the same but how can we ascribe beauty to the craft of writing code?

Listen to Vikram Chandra talk about varied topics discussed in the book such as logic gates and literary modernism, the machismo of tech geeks, the omnipresence of an “Indian Mafia” in Silicon Valley, and the writings of the eleventh-century Kashmiri thinker Abhinavagupta,

This episode much like the book (and its companion, Geek Sublime) is engrossing, original, and full of sweeping ideas for an increasingly multidisciplinary world.



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