Ep. 15: Travelling Tales of Tibet with Shivaji Das and Yolanda Yu

shivaji das and yolanda yu in conversation with ayushi mona
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The ‘Other’ Shangri-La: Journeys through the Sino-Tibetan frontier in Sichuan’ is a narrative travelogue based on author Shivaji Das and his wife Yolanda’s journey which explores the region’s history and the lives and cultures of the people inhabiting these remote lands in detail.

The podcast narrates the adventures of travelling into lands far away, the edge of touring as a couple, the culture and habits of migration amongst the Tibetans and the dangerous journeys they undertake that “make men out of boys”, as Shivaji puts it.

Tune in to hear them discuss elements of nature that are worth going back to and draw parallels between the two diverse cultures of India and China. This episode is for writers and travellers alike, as it explores the routines they follow as writers and the thrills they experience as travellers on a journey!

Listen to the episode here or on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts directly at the links below.

Prakruti Maniar

Prakruti Maniar

Prakruti Maniar is editor and partner of Purple Pencil Project, and hustles as a writer, researcher and more. She is deeply invested in cultural heritage, especially stories, and is committed to saving the literary heritage of India. She has a Master of Arts in Digital Humanities from Loyola University Chicago.

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