Yakshini by Neil D’Silva


There is something so heartbreaking about the frailty of human lives and Neil D’Silva’s Yakshini weaves together a tragic tale of what happens when two intertwined destinies embark on a perilous path. The plot is centered around a young village girl, Meenakshi and how her path is charted by celestial beings even before she’s born. […]

Moisture Trapped In The Stone by K.N Rao

KN Rao

As far as representation goes, stories from South India remain clearly under-represented in the Indian literary scene as compared to stories, folklore and mythology from Northern India. Lately, we’re seeing a gradual shift in the narrative, with a number of translated stories being anthologised by a number of publishing houses, such as Niyogi-published Moisture Trapped […]

Anuradha Kumar’s Coming Back to the City Stories

Review of Coming back to the city stories by anuradha kumar

Mumbai is the city of dreams, shattered, unfulfilled and soaring. Many bright-eyed dreamers find their way here with hopes of making their fortune. As someone who’s a second-generation Mumbai resident born at the cusp of the 21st century, the Mumbai I grew up seeing has always been glitzy, an urban jungle of skyscrapers that kiss […]

The Town That Laughed by Manu Bhattathiri

town that laughed book cover

“It was remarked among the chroniclers of Karuthapuzha’s affairs that if God ever made His appearance among us and started to live in this town, after the first round of awe and worship people would begin to joke about Him. We would comment about the ludicrousness of His creations, and maybe talk behind His back […]

The Queen of Jasmine Country by Sharanya Manivannan

Queen of Jasmine Country book cover

If there was one way to describe the frailty and beauty of the Queen of Jasmine Country, it would be to compare it to its thematic namesake, the jasmine flower that blooms momentarily but leaves a precious fragrance, even in its wake. Sharanya Manivvanan beautifully weaves a tale of adolescent woes, longing for love and […]

Creating a New Category: Audiobooks In India

The last year has seen momentous growth in the literary sector – there was a new Literary Prize, record adaptations with companies like The Story Ink entering the foray. However, the highlight of the year was the boost that the audiobooks in India saw. Audiobooks are not exactly podcasts, although the widespread acceptance of the […]

Status Check: Young Adult literature in India

As far as the world literature in English is concerned, young adult fiction has existed for a long time, in the form of science fiction novels and fantasy worlds like the Lord of the Ring series by JR Tolkien, A Wrinkle in Time and several others. But it was JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series that […]