Ep. 20: Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines with Amandeep Sandhu

‘Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines’ is a rigorous investigation and a personalized narrative by Amandeep Sandhu about the matters of Panjab, an account on the recovery from its past and the discovery of its present. This episode of India Booked is illuminating and comprehensive, much like the book itself, which brings an alternative outlook to […]

Separate Journeys : Edited by Geeta Dharmarajan

Separate Journeys, the new collection of short stories edited by Geeta Dharmarajan, is earthy and raw in its exploration of womanhood in multiple forms – as mothers, as daughters, as temptresses and sometimes, all at once.  Separate Journeys begins with an exploration of motherhood in ‘Bayen’ by Mahasweta Devi and in ‘A Day With Charulata’ […]

In Conversation With: Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma handles the social-media at Katha Books. The pandemic has done very interesting things to the digital space. How did you capitalize on that? What was the approach and strategy you took? Hemant Sharma: Two defining things that happened during the pandemic were, one, almost everyone came online to seek a solution to otherwise […]

Forsaking Paradise by Abdul Ghani Sheikh

Forsaking Paradise

Translated from Urdu by Ravina Aggarwal Discovering Indian literature across the country giving a broad spectrum of stories known and unknown is one of my greatest joys as a reader. Ladakhi literature, an unexplored territory, brought forward by Katha introduces us to the region’s history and culture Translated from Urdu by Ravina Aggarwal, Forsaking Paradise […]

In Conversation With: Shilpi Sarkar and Ayushree Nandan

Dr. Shilpi Sarkar is the Senior Editor at Katha books and Director at the Child Poverty Action Research Lab of Katha. She has been editing for the past 20 years and holds a Ph.D. from Purdue University. Ayushree Nandan is an Associate Editor at Katha books and a Teach For India alumna. To begin with, we […]

The Man from Chinnamasta by Indira Goswami

The Man from Chinnamasta

The Man from Chinnamasta by Mamoni Raisom Goswami (popularly known as Indira Goswami) was published in 2005 in Assamese under the title “Chinnamastar Manuhto” and created a furore upon its publication because of its central theme – a cry to put an end to the ancient practice of animal sacrifices in the Kamakhya temple. It […]

In Conversation With: Charbak Dipta

Charbak Dipta

Charbak Dipta is a Senior Illustrator at Katha Books. To start with, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself, your creative process and how you came to illustrations and book cover design as a career? Charbak Dipta: I am a self-taught illustrator and graphic novelist. I always loved drawing and as a child got […]

Mauni – A Writer’s Writer by S. Mani


Translated and Edited from the Tamil by Lakshmi Holmstrom Mauni, the pen-name of S. Mani, is a pioneer in the short story scene of Tamil literature. With just 24 short stories to his name, written between 1936 to 1971, he still stands as one of the undisputed masters of Tamil short stories. 15 of his […]

Ep. 19: Gujarat, Dhumketu, and Translations

Writer, literary translator, book critic and a literary podcast (Desi Books) host herself, Jenny Bhatt speaks to Ayushi Mona how the themes of Dhumketu’s books resonated with the short stories of her own, prompting her to bring out her debut literary translation, ‘Ratno Dholi: The Best Stories of Dhumketu’. In this hour-long episode on short […]

On Writing: Kiran Bhat interviews Neelam Saxena Chandra

Kiran Bhat is an Indian-American polygot and the author of We Of The Forsaken World. We are incredibly delighted for him to be our first author in the new series, “On Writing“, where authors speak to other authors about all things words and stories. In this candid chat about writing, Bhat speaks to Neelam Saxena […]