How is a picture book created?

Author and Book Cover Collage

Canato Jimo, author of the recently-released picture book Snip, tells us how he made one. The beauty of a wordless picture book is the possibility of an endless imagination. It makes children read closely, with thoughtful eye. It pushes them as readers, to summarise, make inferences, interpret and evaluate visual information, ask questions, and make […]

unBlock Meetup 104

Anecdotes, writing suggestions, book recommendations – unBlock Meetup 104 had it all. Poets, screenwriters, speech writers, fashion bloggers, non-fiction writers and content writers alike worked tirelessly on prompts provided by us along with materials of their own. The result was mixing up of prompts into one story arc, an open mic poem on environmental issues, […]

unBlock Meetup 103

unBlock Meetup 103 was an eventful session graced by author Anukrti Upadhyay, her amazing, insightful feedback and colourful write-ups on prompts provided by both, her and us. A mix and match of ideas, moderated superbly by our co-founder and author Saurabh Garg, resulted in what can only be described as a pot party of write-ups […]

unBlock Meetup 101

We kickstarted our second event series after Filmi Keeda, with unBlock 101, a meetup for aspiring authors and creative writers to come and, well, write; get live feedback and return with actual tips that they can apply to their next draft. In unBlock Meetup 101, held in September 2019, we gave the participants three prompts […]

unBlock Meetup 102

unBlock Meetup 102, a writers meetup held in November 2019, saw writers, both aspiring and established, come together to work at their craft, either aided by the prompts we gave or independently. The feedback session that followed raised important questions – How to create edgy characters? What to do when one too many ideas drop […]

The Wizard Khizr by Katha World Library

The Wizard Khizr, published by the Katha World Library, is a colourful, glossy adventure story that promises to make the child in you thrilled.  Books are one way you can surf along the memory wave, reliving your childhood, along with all its amusing and bizarre details, full of knick-knacks of nostalgia. The Wizard Khizr is […]

Milk Teeth by Amrita Mahale

Milk Teeth by debut author Amrita Mahale was last year’s runaway hit, a story about friendship, love, family, and society – but above all, a story of and about Mumbai, and how it makes the people, even as it is made by the people. Milk Teeth revolves around the lives of civic beat reporter Ira […]

Strewn Flowers – Selected Hindi Poems, translated by Pavitra Mohan

cover of book strewn flowers

Strewn Flowers – Selected Hindi Poems is a treasure chest of poetry with English translations, including old and new, classic and vintage verses from 30 poets, both celebrated and obscure. Strewn Flowers comprises 51 poems from different eras on a variety of themes and topics categorised by chapter – Love and Passion, Wisdom, Harmony, Melancholia […]