Amphan’s effect on publishing: How to Help

The publishing industry was going through a tough time already with the lockdown, and it has to now deal with Amphan’s effect on publishing. When cyclone Amphan hit Kolkata on 20th May, it further aggravated the woes of the book industry. For book lovers, it is heartbreaking to see beloved Boi Para, a.k.a., College Street, […]

In Conversation with: Jane Borges

interview with author jane borges

We caught up with author Jane Borges, whose debut fiction novel Bombay Balchão released in 2019, captures the life and role of the Catholic community of Bombay, from independence to today. Let’s start by talking about the non-fictitious nature of Bombay Balchão. You mentioned you carried out extensive research to learn about Cavel and its […]

Bombay Balchão by Jane Borges

book review of bombay balchao by jane borges

Undoubtedly the first thing that attracts you to Bombay Balchão is its cover – filled with colour, and people – like the city of Mumbai itself. There was another reason for me. Having lived among Catholics for the first 20 years of my life, and with my convent schooling, I was also curious to read […]

In Custody by Anita Desai

In Custody is a Booker Prize-shortlisted novel, by Indian American author, Anita Desai. Plot Summary The story is set partially in a town called Mirpore and partly in Delhi. Deven, the protagonist, teaches Hindi at Lala Ram Lal College. Leading a dreary existence in a small town, Deven has just one passion to look up […]

Greatest Kashmiri Folk Tales By Onaiza Drabu

kashmiri folk tales

Remember when we passed our evenings lying on Grandma’s lap, listening to the tales from Panchatantra? Grandpa’s animated voice as he would try to mimic one of the characters from Katha Sarit Sagar? Those invaluable moments spent with our parents and grandparents, listening to them bring the stories to live in front of us, has, […]

Her Stories 20th Century Bengali Women Writers

20th century bengali writers

Her Stories is a set of eight stories by eight eminent Bengali women writers translated by Sanjukta Dasgupta. It is a collection of short fiction centred around women, where some reconcile with and some fiercely resist patriarchy. The unique thing about Her Stories is that each story is preceded by a brief introduction and a […]

Woman to Woman, Stories by Madhulika Liddle

stories of women

Woman to Woman Stories by Madhulika Liddle is a collection of a dozen short stories about women. The cover is a minimalistic yet stunning peak into the stories we are about to enter, filled with beauty, grace, violence and death. The Women and their Stories The women in these stories come from different social strata, […]

Ten novellas to kickstart that reading habit

list of indian novellas

Situated between a sprint and a marathon, novellas are the perfect remedy for our shortening attention spans. Longer than a short story, and shorter than a novel, a novella contains the makings of just the right reading experience – a straightforward plot that does not meander, yet immerses you in a world entirely its own. […]

Shadow Men by Bijoya Sawian

book review of shadow men by bijoya sawian

Shadow Men by Bijoya Sawian, is a combination of a novella and two short stories, published by Speaking Tiger books. It is set in Shillong and it is the city, as much as the plot and characters that take centre stage here.   The Novella  The titular novella, Shadow Men, comes across as a whodunnit. It […]

The Little Book of Everything by Ruskin Bond

book review little book of everything

The Little Book of Everything by Ruskin Bond would read well even if it opened on a random page, and catch your attention even if you are not looking to read it. Everything, everything While The Little Book of Everything is little more than a collection of quotes, the experiences are not so trifle. It’s […]