unBlock Meetup 110 with Neil D’ Silva

unBlock 110
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unBlock, our meetup series to come together and write, just got a new avatar, and in keeping with #SpookySeason, it is horror-themed.

In this, we are joined by India’s horror story maestro, screenwriter and tedX speaker Neil D’ Silva; and you can get a chance for personalized feedback from him!

How? Read on.

Upload using this form, a 600-2000 words short-story or story-excerpt (genre: horror), writing in English, before 21st October, 11:00 am IST.

The Purple Pencil Project team will select the top 5 stories, and these 5 writers will get a chance to meet with Neil on Sunday, November 1, from 4 pm to 6 pm, for a feedback session (likely a chilling one!) on their work!

So, start writing. Our inbox awaits!


unBlock is an initiative by the Purple Pencil Project where we tell the writer’s block to go f$%^ itself! It includes events, merchandise, and more.


Neil D’Silva is known for his works in the horror genre, with titles such as Yakshini, Maya’s New Husband, Right Behind You, to his name. Consistently listed among the top horror writers of India, he was named by UK’s DESIblitz magazine among the Top 7 Indian Horror Writers to be read.

You can read about previous unBlock Meetups on our website, or check out testimonials on our YouTube channnel.

P3 Team

P3 Team

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