Breaking Moulds: Meera Mukherjee’s Journey into Sculpture

Meera Mukherjee

Meera Mukherjee: Breaking Moulds by Vaishali Shroff (Published by Art1st Publications, 2023) is the story of a woman artist who overcame many hurdles in her art practice and philosophy to build a mould that captured her inner spirit. A bronze sculpture by Meera Mukherjee twists and turns into the sky. You can trace the strokes […]

We of the Forsaken World… A debut Indian writing in English you must read

featured for a debut Indian writing in English by Kiran Bhat

The internet is slow to reach among the rubber trees of my mother’s native land. One is forced into communication with fallen barks, orange-coloured dragonflies and the two-tailed drongo in the violet light of evening. In sharp contrast, in the bustling city of Bangalore where home is, the sparrows have disappeared from neighbourhood skies. Although […]

Spirit Nights: The story of a Naga tribe, and their ancient wisdom

feature image for the book spirit nights, a story about a naga tribe

Naga writer Easterine Kire weaves a narrative of dreams and deep wisdom around the Chang Naga tribe’s fable of darkness, in her latest book, Spirit Nights. Any tribal culture is extensively intertwined with the land and its seasons. Consequently, a shift in the constant cycles of days or patterns of rain or wind causes much […]

Abanindranath’s House of Stories: An art book that is both history and adventure

cover of the art book abanindranatha's house of stories with details about the book written in white text on a blue background

A child enters art namelessly, in colours and light, sound and spirit. In our earliest memories, a dark corner may have contained a monster. And the loudness of thunderstorms, its gnashing teeth. Yet, through persuasion and the comfort of a parent or of a snuggly bed, we transform them into adventures with the intangible. We […]

All about Mumbai city in this collection of plays by Anju Makhija

mumbai traps boook review

Mumbai – the city of dreams, glitz and glamour, with a boiling cauldron of intense passion, be it political, religious or personal. Among the chaos of trains that ferry people from one end to the other, stars are born, live briefly, and die (or live eternally in our memories). Here, a silently turning wheel is […]

Find Support in Shreya Ramachandran’s book about mental health

feature image for the review of worlds within you, a book about mental health

The Worlds Within You by Shreya Ramachandran, a book about mental health, travels back and forth in memory and metaphors to confront mental health issues and find small moments of support within all the chaos. Introduction On some days, tears waiting to fall colour everything blurry. Ami, the protagonist of this book about mental health, […]

Mythographic Wisdom in Amruta Patil’s Aranyaka

feature image for the book review of aranyaka written and illustrated by amruta patil

Aranyaka is a mythographic tale re-written through a feminist lens, weaving pre-Vedic concepts with lessons gathered from Aranya. What place does a large woman inhabit in the annals of myth and our present spaces of interaction? How does she make and break traditions – defined for herself and other women in the spectrum? Which colours […]