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Welcome Jaibala!

When I started this blog, I had no clue of the shape that onWriting would eventually take. All I knew was that I loved Stephan King’s On Writing and I had to do something about it. I started by writing a blog where I would ask questions from established authors and clear my doubts about the publishing process.

Over time, I met authors, agents, publishers, readers and a lot of other people who loved books and writing. While I talked to them, a vague idea started to take shape. I could envision a website that helped readers discover interesting books and authors. Of course there was / is Goodreads and a lot of other such platforms. But I wanted something that meant for Indian readers. For a long time, I did not do anything on it. I got busy with my book and few other things.

But today, I’ve taken a huge step. A very very good friend, Jaibala (Rao) has agreed to work with me on onW. She would edit and look after the Book Reviews section. She has been reviewing books for quite some time now and you would notice that we have some 30 reviews on onW already. All thanks to Jai. Going forward, we aim to do two or three reviews every month.

Of course the reviews shall remain unbiased and we will never accept anything in cash or kind to do the book reviews. Except the copy of the book being reviewed. More on our review policy as we go along. And like most things that I work on, onW shall remain in beta.

So today onwards, we are now an interview and a review blog. We have a few more sections in the pipeline. Don’t know though when those sections would get activated. Till then, please support us, help us and do let us know if we could improve on something.

And finally, thanks to Jai and a warm welcome!




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