Find Support in Shreya Ramachandran’s book about mental health

feature image for the review of worlds within you, a book about mental health

The Worlds Within You by Shreya Ramachandran, a book about mental health, travels back and forth in memory and metaphors to confront mental health issues and find small moments of support within all the chaos. Introduction On some days, tears waiting to fall colour everything blurry. Ami, the protagonist of this book about mental health, […]

Book Excerpt: From mai by Geetanjali Shree

book excerpt from mai by geetanjali shree

A book excerpt from the author’s debut novel It had been our complaint since childhood. ‘Speak up mai. Fight back. Become what you want to be.’ Being what she was, mai was actually nothing. She was a stooping, dumb, frightened shadow who moved only upon others’ directions. We were full of pity. And were also […]

Mai by 2022 International Booker Prize Winner Geetanjali Shree

mai by geetanjali shree

In light of noted Hindi writer Geetanjali Shree and her historic feat at the International Booker Prize 2022, Niyogi Books is honoured to re-introduce her debut novel Mai. Translated to English by Nita Kumar as Mai: Silently Mother, this book was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize in 2002. It was also shortlisted for the Crossword Book Award 2001.   […]

Sindhu Rajasekaran on storytelling, the feminist gaze, and more

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Prakruti Maniar interviews Sindhu Rajasekaran, author of Smashing The Patriarchy: A Guide for the 21-st Century Indian Woman. Excerpts from an email interview. What has your own journey been with storytelling, while growing up. What are the books and movies that have influenced you? Are there feminist stories you read that left their mark?  Sindhu […]

Ministhy S on translating Malayalam novels, Ramacharitmanas, and more

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Ministhy S is an IAS officer by day, and translator by night. She translate not just of Malayalam novels, but also Hindi and English worls. Prakruti Maniar caught up with her at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2022 to talk about finding time to translate, working with V.J.James on Anti-Clock, and more. Excerpts. You have translated […]

Nagaland stories: A Respectable Woman by Easterine Kire

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Divided into three parts, a respectable woman narrates the psyche of Naga Community of Nagaland during and after 1944 Kohima war. a respectable woman not only talks about the collective consciousness of the Naga community but also tries to weave the cultural history through personal memories of the people. Written by Easterine Kire, and published […]

Kashmir Files: Farah Bashir’s memoir, Rumours of Spring

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Rumours of Spring is a part of our series, Kashmir Files, which seeks to present multiple perspectives on the history and social reality of the valley, and the people of Kashmir. Rumours of Spring by Farah Bashir is a poignant memoir of girlhood on the backdrop of ceaseless terror and turmoil of smouldering Kashmir. Bashir […]