Essay: Translating My First Story by Sneha Pathak


In this essay, Sneha Pathak shares her journey of becoming a translator, translating her father’s stories, finding stories to translate, and how her love for languages pushed her to work on her art. I grew up with the sound of the typewriter, reading my father’s manuscripts on the sly. I read them even when I […]

10 Asian Books to Watch Out For in 2024!

asian books list

Team P3 curates a list of Asian Books to watch out for in 2024 All stories are similar, but some stories are more similar to each other than others. And while the original Animal Farm quote was ironic, this one isn’t. You can find several common themes and stories in the larger Asian culture and […]

10 Political History Books of South Asia

political history books

Team P3 curates a list of recommended political history books of South Asia South Asian history is mired with contradictions, tragedies, and paradoxes of all kinds. To do justice to all the stories that reside and have resided here would be a mammoth task, one certainly beyond the scope of our history textbooks. In this […]

11 Award-Winning Southeast Asian Authors

list of south east asian author

Team P3 curates a list of award-winning Southeast Asian authors for your TBR. Southeast Asia is a region rich in cultural diversity, historical depth, and storytelling traditions. From the evocative Indonesian prose to the poignant Vietnamese poetry, there is much to explore in Southeast Asian culture. Our article today looks at some of these luminaries, […]

Book Review: Hot Stage by Anita Nair

review of hot stage a crime mystery by anita nair

Sneha Pathak reviews Anita Nair’s Hot Stage (Published by Harper Collins, 2024) Certain books, for reasons I don’t yet understand, demand that you read them. They won’t leave you alone till you get your hands on them and finish hearing what they have to say. Take Anita Nair’s Hot Stage for instance. As a mystery/thriller […]

Book Review: The Storytellers’ Secret by Sejal Badani

feature image for the storytellers' secret

Prakruti Maniar reviews Sejal Badani’s The Storyteller’s Secret (Lake Union Publishing) The Storytellers’ Secret, author Sejal Badani’s second novel, has an incredibly promising and compelling premise. New York-based Jaya, who shares a difficult and estranged relationship with her immigrant mother, finds herself in a very dark place following several miscarriages and the resulting broken marriage […]

Book Review: The Velvet Hotline by Arsh Verma

review of the velvet hotline by arsh verma

Sneha Pathak reviews The Velvet Hotline by Arsh Verma (Ebury Press, 2023) When I picked up Arsh Verma’s The Velvet Hotline, I thought I was going in for a hard-boiled, racy crime thriller. The quote on the cover by Ruskin Bond and the fact that Verma is an IPS officer were perhaps responsible for this. […]

Book Review: Mansur by Vikramjit Ram


Rahul Vishnoi reviews Vikramjit Ram’s Mansur (Published by Pan Macmillan India, 2023) Anirudh Kanisetti, the author of the Tata Lit Live winner for best book (non-fiction) 2022 in his promotional byte for Mansur, calls it ‘entrancing, soulful and evocative.’ It is indeed. All three of those. Shortlisted for the prestigious JCB Prize 2023, Mansur by […]

Book Review: Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments by Hema Sukumar

Review of Minor Disturbances by Hema Sukumar

Sneha Pathak reviews Hema Sukumar’s Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments (Published by Coronet, 2023) Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments is Hema Sukumar’s debut novel which is set in the fictional Grand Apartments in Chennai and takes its readers through the life of the various characters who inhabit the place. We meet and become […]