Anthill by Vinoy Thomas- Ties in the name of Cultural Society, Family, and Religion

review of anthill by vinoy thomas

Haritha T Chandran reviews Vinoy Thomas’s Anthill (Published by Penguin India, 2023) originally written in Malayalam and translated into English by Nandakumar K. In the Anthill, Vinoy Thomas’s world of Perumpadi is extremely reminiscent of the tantalizing tale of the early settlers of Macondo in Gabriel Garcia Marques’s one hundred years of solitude. If you […]

32 Literary Magazines in India

literary magazines in India

Mustering the courage to send your written work to potential publishers and magazines might seem intimidating at first glance. Having finished writing your piece, regardless of your genre, getting it published is a momentous step in your writing career. It’s of paramount importance that you choose a suitable literary magazine for publishing. We have curated […]

Kashmir Files: Farah Bashir’s memoir, Rumours of Spring

book cover with text and title details against a white and yellow background

Rumours of Spring is a part of our series, Kashmir Files, which seeks to present multiple perspectives on the history and social reality of the valley, and the people of Kashmir. Rumours of Spring by Farah Bashir is a poignant memoir of girlhood on the backdrop of ceaseless terror and turmoil of smouldering Kashmir. Bashir […]

A Review of the Hindi Book That Won the International Booker Prize 2022

cover of ret samadhi a hindi book and its translation called tomb of sand as a feature image for the book review

Tomb of Sand (or Ret Samadhi) is a Hindi book written by Geetanjali Shree and translated into English by Daisy Rockwell. It is the first Hindi fiction book to be shortlisted for the International Booker Prize. The story skillfully adorns the coveted position and delivers a humorful yet hearty narrative.  This Hindi book is a […]