Leila by Prayaag Akbar

Picture this: A city with such poor air quality that breathing is a struggle. A city with a relentless summer, with heat that makes you giddy if you step out of your house or car even for a few minutes. A city with gated communities where entry is prohibited unless someone from the other side […]

Scribbles: Literary News by Purple Pencil Project

We at Purple Pencil Project keep you updated about the latest happenings in the literary world, both national and international and aim to bring out literary news of the week in this compilation called Scribbles. India Indian writer Annie Zaidi wins Nine Dots Prize Mumbai based Indian writer, Annie Zaidi is this year’s recipient of […]

The Last Hun by Ashwin Razdan

The legend of Attila the Hun is a widespread one, the tales of his valour and fierce nature having served as fodder for many a pop reference. But Ashwin Razdan, author of The Last Hun scans the annals of history to create a terrifying blend of fiction and truth and gives us the story of […]