Ankush Saikia

OnWriting in back after yet another break. Of course we added Jaibala to help with book reviews but we haven’t had any interviews per se in all these days. This one by Ankush is totally worth the wait. Especially where he shares tips that he’s received as a writer! Read on! This week, we have Ankush […]

Private India

I recently read Private India. The latest is by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson. Got the book as part of the book review program by Private India. James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi. Before I launch a full-blown review, let me get some numbers out of the way. I mean the ratings. Readability: 3.5 on […]

Welcome Jaibala!

When I started this blog, I had no clue of the shape that onWriting would eventually take. All I knew was that I loved Stephan King’s On Writing and I had to do something about it. I started by writing a blog where I would ask questions from established authors and clear my doubts about the […]

God is a Gamer

I recently read God is a Gamer. The latest is by Ravi Subramanian. Got the book as part of the book review program by Please note that this is NOT a paid review. I do NOT make any money from this. One line verdictGod is a Gamer is an attempt at writing a chase through […]

Nishant Kaushik

OnWriting in back after a brief hiatus! I got busy with my own book and had no time to seek time for interviews from other authors.  So this week, we have Nishant Kaushik. Nishant has three bestselling books to his credit. His first novel, Watch Out! We Are MBA received widespread acclaim for its mass appeal […]