A Journey through the pages of history

Daniel’s Diary is Rajeshwari Chauhan’s Historical saga of pain, betrayal, agony and Eternal Love. The chance discovery of Daniel’s Diary leads Mrinalini on a journey which finally leads her to discover true love. The story draws a parallel between Mirnalini’s story and Daniel’s Story. As she uncovers the past she begins to unravel her life’s […]

About the Don’s Wife

When I was offered to read and review Don’s Wife, I was pretty excited. A thriller, centred on the murder of the wife of a notorious don, Kamini at the front door of her own house, the book starts off on a relatively promising note. With the murder and the frenzy that it causes, the […]

The Road To Being The Malhotra’s Bride

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The Malhotra Bride is the second book I have read by the Author Sundari Venkatraman and is her first foray into self-publishing. This is again a total Bollywood romance full of a few twists. Well, I did read the book in one go, so yes I was addicted to the story, waiting for the plot […]

The Laborious Route to Love

Andy Paula’s Love’s Labor is a short novella that I read on a weekday morning with a cup of Coffee. It kept me engrossed and I finished reading the book in one sitting without any break. The story is really interesting and keeps you hooked till the end. Also, it was very easy for me […]