editing services in india

Editor Services in India: Let us help you perfect your book

Since 2022, Purple Pencil Project has started to offer editor services in India, USA, and other countries

Why is editing important for your manuscript

  1. Creative direction: Editing helps you get an expert, third-person feedback on your story, identifying things like character growth, descriptive and narrative quality. Editors suggest ways to enrich your manuscript. 
  2. Clarity and readability: Editing helps to make the text easier to understand, by removing ambiguity and correcting grammar and spelling errors.
  3. Consistency: Editing ensures that the text is consistent in terms of style, tone, and grammar, but also when it is okay to take creative liberties with all of them. That’s why grammar correction softwares fall short. Storytelling does not always benefit from following grammatical rules. Because our communication is not a matter of function, but emotion. And no software can take your voice, your unique style of writing, and give it the subjective consistency it deserves. 
  4. Accuracy: Editors help verify the facts and information in the text to ensure they are accurate and relevant.This is especially helpful in non-fiction writing, but also more often than not in fiction manuscripts and drafts. 

Editing in India is an often overlooked aspect of writing novels and non-fiction books. Especially with the rise of self-publishing and KDP, it is easy to entirely ignore the editing stage. But professional editors and editor services help in several ways, and can elevate your book from average to brilliant with their direction.

Why hire us for Editor services?

  • Our team comprises eight manuscript editors, each with an experience of over five years in editorial roles across the spectrum.
  • We have worked in non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and essay collections.
  • We also provide Editor services in India for industry reports of all kinds, as well as film scripts, single short stories, creative long-form writing, and other kinds of storytelling.
  • Our editorial discretion is guided by genre, and never impedes on the author’s voice. We make sure that we pair you with the editor most suited to guide your work, and test author-editor synergy before proceeding with any project.
  • The team of our editor services in India also includes manuscript editors from several Indian languages, the number of which is constantly growing. It is led by Namrata M, who has been an editor for over 12 years, and Prakruti Maniar, former journalist with Hindustan Times and an editorial experience of over eight years.

How do our Editorial Services in India work?

  • Reach out to us on query@purplepencilproject.com. 
  • We will work on three chapters with you, to understand if you and I work together. This is charged per word.  
  • If you like our work, only then do we go ahead. Each manuscript undergoes three rounds of editing, and is delivered within three months. Unlike other editor services in India, we do not do editing in isolation, but make time to meet with the author once every few days to clarify doubts, and explain comments. 

Once we get your email, we will get back to you within 2-3 business days.