beta reading services in India

What is Beta-reading?

Beta-reading is the reading of a manuscript before it is published. Usually, they are the first readers of any manuscript.  Authors prefer giving their first drafts to friends and family for feedback. However, it helps to have a professional reader to give feedback on your work. 

Why should YOU opt for Beta-reading?

You should opt for beta-reading for multiple reasons as shared below:

  1. Professional perspective
  2. In-depth analysis of various aspects of a book
  3. Technical feedback on writing, character arcs, the narrative, and other such aspects of a manuscript

Why should YOU hire us?

At Purple Pencil Project, we believe Beta-reading is a very crucial exercise for any writer. Hence, we have carefully curated a team to beta-read for writers across genres. They are professionals who read for a living in different capacities and thereby bring along a huge bank of experience when it comes to analyzing a manuscript. 

We do not believe in working in isolation with template reports shared with clients. We make customized reports suited to clients’ requirements, addressing all the aspects the author wants us to analyze the manuscript in. This report is further followed by a face-to-face discussion where the author can put forth any queries they might have or any aspect they want to discuss further. 

This two-way communication ensures the feedback is constructive and at the same time, critical.

Other Beta-reading services?

We also offer manuscript assessment services which is a variant of beta-reading. This report also  includes an overview of sales. Our team of experts will analyse the saleability of your book taking into consideration various factors impacting book sales.

How to hire our beta readers?

Write to us at sharing the following things: 
  1. Total word count of the manuscript 
  2. Genre 
  3. Any specific aspects you want the beta reader to focus on?

This will help us find the right match from our beta readers and extend our beta-reading services to you.

Once we get your email, we will get back to you within 2-3 business days.