Must-read from Punjab: The Watchmaker by Nanak Singh (Translated by Navdeep Suri)

The Watchmaker by Nanak Singh

Sneha Pathak reviews Nanak Singh’s The Watchmaker originally written in Punjabi and translated into English by Navdeep Suri (Penguin India, 2009) Nanak Singh’s The Watchmaker was originally written in Punjabi with the title Pavitra Paapi and has been translated into English by his grandson Navdeep Suri. The watchmaker is the story of Kedar, or Kamaal […]

11 Historical Novels Depicting Women’s Condition in the 20th Century

list of historical novels that depict women in the 20th century

Sneha Pathak shares a recommended list of historical novels depicting women’s condition in the 20th century for your TBR. The 20th century was a time of great upheaval and power shifts in the world. World wars were fought, colonisation lost its grip, newly independent countries emerged, and scientific development reached new heights. Amongst these changes, […]

Essay: Translating My First Story by Sneha Pathak

Bina Nayak

In this essay, Sneha Pathak shares her journey of becoming a translator, translating her father’s stories, finding stories to translate, and how her love for languages pushed her to work on her art. I grew up with the sound of the typewriter, reading my father’s manuscripts on the sly. I read them even when I […]

Book Review: Hot Stage by Anita Nair

review of hot stage a crime mystery by anita nair

Sneha Pathak reviews Anita Nair’s Hot Stage (Published by Harper Collins, 2024) Certain books, for reasons I don’t yet understand, demand that you read them. They won’t leave you alone till you get your hands on them and finish hearing what they have to say. Take Anita Nair’s Hot Stage for instance. As a mystery/thriller […]

Book Review: The Velvet Hotline by Arsh Verma

review of the velvet hotline by arsh verma

Sneha Pathak reviews The Velvet Hotline by Arsh Verma (Ebury Press, 2023) When I picked up Arsh Verma’s The Velvet Hotline, I thought I was going in for a hard-boiled, racy crime thriller. The quote on the cover by Ruskin Bond and the fact that Verma is an IPS officer were perhaps responsible for this. […]

Book Review: Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments by Hema Sukumar

Review of Minor Disturbances by Hema Sukumar

Sneha Pathak reviews Hema Sukumar’s Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments (Published by Coronet, 2023) Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments is Hema Sukumar’s debut novel which is set in the fictional Grand Apartments in Chennai and takes its readers through the life of the various characters who inhabit the place. We meet and become […]

8 Contemporary Indian Fictional Detectives

list of indian fictional detectives

Sneha Pathak curates a list of contemporary Indian fictional detectives that every thriller lover must read. I have always loved detective novels. As a child, I was always desperate to read more of the Enid Blyton series which was scarce in my small hilly town. What fulfilled my craving somewhat were the detective shows featured […]

The Fast and the Dead by Anuja Chauhan

New Book by Anuja Chauhan

Sneha Pathak reviews The Fast and the Dead by Anuja Chauhan (HarperCollins India, 2023) I started reading Anuja Chauhan’s second novel in the ACP Bhavani series on Karwachauth, or ‘KC’ according to the book. KC is also the day when the main action of the book begins, and I was able to finish it in […]

The Greatest Punjabi Stories – A Review

punjab in stories a book review

Sneha Pathak reviews The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told (Published by Aleph Book Company, 2023) The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told is the latest in The Greatest Stories series published by Aleph Book Company and is a worthy addition that adds to the value of the entire series. The Punjabi stories in this anthology have […]