The Greatest Punjabi Stories – A Review

punjab in stories a book review

Sneha Pathak reviews The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told (Published by Aleph Book Company, 2023) The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told is the latest in The Greatest Stories series published by Aleph Book Company and is a worthy addition that adds to the value of the entire series. The Punjabi stories in this anthology have […]

Subversive Whispers: A Thought-provoking Collection

subversive whispers

Sneha Pathak reviews Subversive Whispers originally written by Manasi in Malayalam and translated by J Devika in English (Published by Penguin India, 2023) Subversive Whispers is a collection of thirteen short stories written by the Malayalam writer Manasi and translated into English by J Devika. All thirteen of these stories are bound together by a […]

Mandodari by Koral Dasgupta – The Known and the Unknown

review of mandodari by koral dasgupta

Sneha Pathak reviews Mandodari by Koral Dasgupta (Pan Macmillan India, 2023) and concludes if mythological rewritings are your thing, Mandodari should be on your list. What got me interested in reading Koral Dasgupta’s Mandodari was the titular character. I had heard of her, of course. In passing. In a sentence that would summarise her entire […]

Books to Read for Pride Month

books to read for pride month

For us readers, June is a chane to take stock of the books to read for Pride Month; whether to be a responsible ally, find yourself in its pages or try and understand the stories of the members of the LGBTQIA community. With this in mind, here is a list of a few books on […]

A racy edge-of-the-seat thriller: Tears of the Dragon leaves you asking for more!

tears of the dragon book review

Sneha Pathak reviews Tears of the Dragon by Ankush Saikia, a racy edge-of-the-seat thriller that leaves you asking for more. First, there were the gentlemen detectives with their cigars and their grey cells. Then came the spies with gazettes in one arm and a dry martini in the other. And then were the PIs, hard-boiled […]

Black River : A Deadly combination of murder and mayhem

book review of the film black river by nilanjana roy

Sneha Pathak reviews Nilanjana S Roy’s Black River (Context, 2022) which masquerades as a police procedural, a thriller, and a suspense novel. What attracted me first to Nilanjana S Roy’s Black River was its cover. Done in swirls of inky blue and punctuated with lighter shades of the same colour with the title standing out […]

Obsessed with true crime? Check out these 15 books, perfect for binge-reading

a black background with true crime books written in bold text - a list of true crime books in India

Everyone loves true crime stories for a myriad of reasons – the love of puzzle solving, the insight into the human mind, the shock of the absurdity of the human mind. Be it podcasts, TV series, films, or books; true crime has emerged as a popular genre over the last few years. Think Truman Capote’s […]

The artists become the muses: Books about movies you must read

feature image for books about movies with a dancer on a big screen

Love films? Why not give these 8 books about movies a chance and dive into the good, the glamourous, and the down right scandalous world of the film industry? It would not be wrong to say that literature and cinema are two sides of the same coin. The tradition of adapting books to screen goes […]

Glory and decadence: Narach by Debarati Mukhopadhyay, now in English

review of a book by debarati mukhopadhyay, featuring a cover image with the book cover and a quote from the review

A lot of things about the blurb and the first chapter of Chronicles of the Lost Daughters by Debarati Mukhopadhyay (translated by Arunava Sinha from Bengali, and published by Harper Collins India) remind you of Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh. The blurb refers to a family who “end up in an overcrowded depot near […]