Sundar Sarukkai’s Following A Prayer: In Pursuit of Silence and Truth

book review of sarukkai's latest novel

Kabani R reviews Sundar Sarukkai’s Following A Prayer: A Novel (Published by Tranquebar Press, 2023) Sundar Sarukkai’s recent novel, Following A Prayer: A Novel, explores the power of silence and the power required to live in silence. The novel begins with the disappearance of Kalpana, a twelve-year-old girl. And when she returns after three days, […]

August 17: An Attempt by S. Hareesh at Alternate History

featured image for August 17 by S. Hareesh.

August 17 is S. Hareesh’s second novel after the JCB Prize-winning novel, Moustache (Meesha). While Meesha carried a mythical character, August 17 is an alternate history. By employing an entirely imaginative historical framework, S. Hareesh reconfigures the history and politics at his disposal. While it is speculative fiction, it revisits the history of the region, […]

Kashmir Files: T. D. Radhakrishnan’s Andhar Badhirar Mookar

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This book is a part of our series, Kashmir Files, which seeks to present multiple perspectives on the history and social reality of the valley. T. D. Ramakrishnan’s Malayalam novel Andhar Badhirar Mookar is the first book in the series. It’s a question that has been asked again and again after the release of Kashmir […]

The geography of our lives in Puttu, a Malayalam novel by Vinoy Thomas

book cover of putt a malayalam novel by Vinoy Thomas., along with a quote from the review of the book on Purple Pencil Project

Puttu (Termite Colony or Anthill) is a Malayalam novel by Vinoy Thomas, his second after Karikkottakari. Puttu narrates the story of the people in a place, Perumbadi. It is a remote piece of land where people from distinct places migrate to settle. These are people looking for a place to survive. All the families who […]