Pankaj Mishra’s Bland Fanatics reeks of the accusations it makes. Here’s why

Bland Fanatics

Pankaj Mishra is a public intellectual, “one of the great thinkers” as reads his introduction on the cover jacket of his latest book: Bland Fanatics: Liberals, Race and Empire (2020, Juggernaut Books). Bland Fanatics borrows its title from Reinhold Niebuhr, a theologian. In 1957, Niebuhr wrote: ‘Among the lesser culprits of history are the bland […]

Life in a Gujarati village, the eyes of a little girl


Fence by Ila Arab Mehta translated from Gujarati by Rita Kothari follows the journey of Fateema Lokhandwala from her formative years as the daughter of a scrap metal seller (hence the surname) to her role as a professor. Plot points Most of Fence is about Fateema, a young Muslim girl in a small village in […]