Shomprakash Sinha Roy

Shomprakash Sinha Roy (Goodreads, FB, website, Wikipedia) a 23-year-old writer based out of Bangalore, India. He already has three books to his credit – The Pink Smoke (2013) , Life Served Hot (2014) & 21 Things About Romance (2014), and is planning a few more books this year. He has also ghostwritten as Sidharth Oberoi for the […]

Aditya Magal aka Jhunjhunwala

Aditya Magal (Goodreads) is 28, lives in Bangalore and is a Business Analyst turned Author. His debut novel, How to Become a Billionaire by Selling Nothing has been published by Random House and is available on Amazon here. Connect with him on twitter @jhunjhunwala. Aditya’s answers to 5 questions are… 1. Why do you write? Why would someone […]