2019 is here, and a week is almost gone. The last week of 2018 has been rather quiet for us, because we were busy rebranding ourselves.

Saurabh started onWriting way back in 2016 with the sole purpose of connecting with authors had gathering their thoughts on (yes) writing, and publishing occasional book reviews, and stayed pretty much the same. Three months ago, I quit a job and shifted focus to this near full-time, with plans to grow it into a reading community, a literary company and so much more.

With our vision changing and widening in scope, we thought it was time to find a name that reflected it and thus was born the Purple Pencil Project or P3 (courtesy Saurabh Garg).

The purple pencil is our logo, and ‘project’ was in my view, all-encompassing enough to fit whatever idea we have and may have going ahead. Other options, on which I took almost a week to think, were Bookville, The Caption, The Paperwick Review and Books Ink.

So here we are, still dedicated to books, reading, writing and everything in between the three but just under a different name.

We are now:

Website: www.purplepencilproject.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/purplepencilproject
Twitter: www.twitter.com/purplepenciled
Instagram: www.instagram.com/purplepencilproject

May the words ever flow. Happy New Year , ya’ll!