On J.K. Rowling

I was vacationing with two of my brothers last week, corporate bigwigs who sashay down the airports every month, eat meals at the lounge and keep their cars parked at the airport every weekend. During dinner, we got talking about lifestyle, and how it was not so difficult to subvert money and find a way. […]

On Harry Potter

Yet another July 31 is here and my social media is filled, cheerfully, in reverence to the boy who lived, to the queen of the magical world; bringing back to a generation of kids who waited for their Hogwarts letters (I, curiously, never did), who tediously and religiously decoded every hidden meaning behind the world […]

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Some books are known more by their quotes, snippets of awesome that become bigger than the author and the source and find their immortality in Facebook posts, WhatsApp statuses and wallpapers on the screens of the many digital devices we use. Jack Kerouac’s cult classic falls squarely under this category. It is a bustling, energy-filled […]

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy

There is something, not quite serendipity, about reading a book of contemporary relevance, with jingoistic headlines spamming my background, the noise of hyper news anchors rising above the din of the traffic and the crescendo of the city rains. Kashmir in The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, Kashmir on the TV. Jantar Mantar is everywhere. At […]