The Royal Game and Other Stories by Stefan Zweig

Sometime last year, I started painting again. Seeing my art teacher in his element, oblivious to all distractions, I wrote a short story about the lengths an artist goes to perfect his craft. This expanded into a chapbook about the extremes of artistic expression. That project, as projects are wont to do, is gathering dust. […]

The Princes by Manohar Malgonkar

Let one thing be known; most contemporary Indian fiction (in English) is a waste of paper. It is written in ‘simple’ English, as if literature is nothing but a textbook that everyone has to understand, that everyone must follow without any effort, to be a part of the ‘I read’ rat race. It does not […]

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

If you haven’t read The God of Small Things yet, you may still have heard all about how the novel grabbed the 1997 Booker, while notoriously creating trouble in Kerala thanks to its sexual explicitness. But there is so much more than Roy’s debut novel achieves. The beauty of Roy’s creation is that it stays […]